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I make tutorial on YouTube for .NET technologies like Blazor, Xamarin, ASP.NET Web API etc... These tutorials are completely free and most of the code is open source. Please visit us and don't forget to subscribe.

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I build projects on live on Twitch. If you have any questions and want to talk to me, you can find me programming on Twitch. You can also see the software life cycle in progress. Please follow me Twitch to support the channel.

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This is Blazor Server Tutorial Series, we start with very basics of Blazor server and by the time you finish this series you will have better understanding of adavanced topics of Blazor

This is ASP.NET Core Web API Series, we start with how you can integrate EF Core and then we jump into advanced topics of ASP.NET Core Web API. By the time you finish this series you will even learn how to deploy this app on IIS and Azure app services.

This is Xamarin.forms series. This series is for beginners you are just getting started with mobile development with .NET. By the end of the series you will know how to use basic controls from Xamarin.Forms and then create APK file for your app.

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